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AAC Awareness Month

October is AAC awareness month.  AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication and refers to all communication that is not speaking.  This takes on many forms from the basic thumbs up and hand waving used universally to more complex systems designed specifically to assist non-verbal members of society to communicate.  Jonathan, our founder, uses low tech eye pointing to communicate via a communication partner on an alphabet board (shown below).  Other people may use

Jonathan Bryan

high-tech systems operated by switches or eye-gaze.  Many of the children we aim to support through Teach Us Too use AAC.  It is establishing which method each individual will use that is key to their independent communication and learning to read and write.  Once their access method is established it can be used to communicate understanding and on that basis literacy education can begin in earnest.

To learn more about AAC try the following links:

Communication Matters: What is AAC?

Royal Society of Speech & Language Therapists: Augmentative & Alternative Communication Overview

Call Scotland: AAC Online Learning Modules

Call Scotland: AAC Videos and Weblinks

It would be wonderful to hear your stories of AAC use and use this platform to celebrate communication in all its forms.  Please do get in touch via


Website contact:

Twitter: @TeachUsToo

Facebook: Teach Us Too


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